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At Waking the Future Podcast, we are dedicated to exposing the tyranny that our government has over us. Through decades of corruption, bad policies, and the 2-party system to name just a few issues they have been able to take away the very freedom and liberties of We the People of this great nation!

Joel and Pat decided that the way we can help this dire situation we find ourselves in now is to get our thoughts out there and heard! Waking the Future will bring you historical events to current events to show you, the listener the trouble this country is in now.

Waking the Future will bring on guests with a vast array of knowledge in areas from politics, economics, law and religion in order to keep our listeners informed on how the government is able to hide from us their tyranny under the guise of freedom and liberty for all.

Enjoy the show and always remember to research and question all you hear!

Pat and Joel,

Waking the Future

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